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The Sweetest Lie

Title: The Sweetest Lie
Pairing: Qmi
Disclaimer: This is not true. I own no one.
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst
Word count: 1,867
Notes: This is in lapslock purely because I am lazy, sorry~

“promise me,” kyuhyun whispers, voice catching, bringing zhou mi back to the present. “promise me that you’ll be happy.” zhou mi smiles sadly because he knows he will never love anyone like he loves kyuhyun. kyuhyun knows this too, and so whenever their eyes meet across dressing rooms, zhou mi stares into the face of apology.
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[DRABBLE] Dysfunctional Relationships and Favouritism

Title: Dysfunctional Relationships and Favouritism
Pairings: Sihanchul (with variations thereof)
Disclaimer: This is not true. I own no one.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst
Word count: 961
Summary: Hankyung loves with all his heart. He loves a man he can never have, one that will never love him and one he knows will cast him aside as soon as he finds someone better. And then he loves another man who is so close to the breaking point that he’s like a ticking time bomb, pieces constantly crumbling off him like locks of soft hair falling to his feet.


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Why >> Because idk about you guys, but I've wanted to meet my t-list for quite a while, and hopefully you all feel the same. It will be a great opportunity to meet the people you've gotten to know online and also a chance to meet new friends :^Dv

Who >> A N Y O N E~ This is not a super junior event, it's all about t-list, so whoever wants to come can come, regardless of whether you are going to super show or not. Bring whoever you want and have a good time with your friends.

When >> SATURDAY 22ND JANUARY 2011, official meetup starts at 2pm, and will carry on for as many hours as you guys want. You can come late and you can leave whenever you want. No pressure at all~

Where >> Orchard Road. I think the initial meetup place should be outside Wheelock Place (the mall with Borders in it ;D). It's close to a taxi stand, bus stops and an mrt station. Not to mention the fact that it's a pretty open space, so we don't have to use indoor voices all the time~ From there we can decide if we want to move somewhere else, if we want to eat, etc etc.

If you have any questions, think of something for me to add to the post, or anything at all, you can either leave a comment below, send me an e-mail (awful_fall@hotmail.com) or text me. Ask me for my number, and I'll give it to you (: Just remember to give me your name and possibly your twitter un if I don't know you by name~

Also, it would be nice to know roughly how many people are going to show, so if you know you're definitely coming, please tell me :D

UM ANOTHER NOTE: you guys don't have to be on my t-list necessarily~ anyone is welcome, whether you know me or not! also I should add that I'm @gentlemimi and um... yeah~


also ty chloe for being awesome and helping me out n___n
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A Tale Of The Winged And The Wingless [Super Junior; Oneshot; Kyumin+Qmi]

Title: A Tale Of The Winged And The Wingless
Pairings: broken!kyumin, Qmi
Disclaimer: This is not true. I own no one.
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst
Summary: Sungmin had hurt him more than the people who crippled him. They hurt him physically, pulling at his feathers till a layer of blood covered his naked body. They stripped him of his natural instincts and crushed his bones when they lacked entertainment. Sungmin, however, had hurt him mentally, betraying his trust and being the reason as to why he could no longer fly and be free. Kyuhyun hated Sungmin with a passion, but knew that the memories they created together were the only brush with normality that he had ever experienced.
A/N: This was written about three or four months ago and I never really had the intention to post it, so there may be a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. Sorry. When I first started writing it, I wanted to be very descriptive and focus on the setting a lot, but then as it progressed it sort of.. changed. Also, I played around with the ages a bit. ANYWAY, I hope you guys enjoy the read!

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A Cruel Disease

Title: A Cruel Disease
Rating: PG-13 (just to be on the safe side)
Summary: “Wait for me.” Yuto whispers, his voice barely audible, as he kisses the corner of Yamada’s mouth softly. His wide eyes search the others face as he chokes back angry sobs. It wasn’t fair that this was happening to the two of them. They had done nothing to deserve such a fate.
Disclaimer: Not true. I own nothing but the plot.
Warnings: Angst, character death.
Word Count: 1,964
A/N: This is my first attempt at writing anything within the HSJ fandom (I've written fanfiction before, but in other fandoms). This is unbetaed, so please point out any mistakes.

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